Why Choose Body Redefined?


Body Redefines founder is the only certified 3rd generation Pilates instructor in the Inland Empire with a training and education lineage stemming directly from the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates.


Body Redefines founder completely a 2 year long apprenticeship certification program through Romana’s Pilates. Romana’s Pilates program is the most comprehensive program that requires the greatest amount of hours of apprenticeship in the world. All potential future instructors are hand picked to be part of the certification apprenticeship. Body Redefines founder also attends many workshops and continuing education seminars throughout the year to maintain the highest degree of quality Pilates.


Body Redefines founder began her Pilates journey in Chicago in 1999 at one of only two Pilates studios and certifications centers in the United States. She continued her education in Chicago and taught at a world renown certification center teaching alongside some of the Masters of Pilates. The experience of training and teaching at a world renown Pilates Certification Center allowed the founder of Body Redefined to obtain knowledge and skills that go well above and beyond a standard certification program.


All Equipment is custom built by Gratz Industries according to Joseph Pilates original designs. Gratz Industries is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus and the industry’s established source for authentic equipment. Body Redefined is the only studio is the Inland Empire that not only utilized original and authentic Pilates equipment but that is fully equipped with every piece of equipment that has ever been designed by Joseph Pilates.


the combination of the completing the highest level of apprenticeship in the industry, continuing education, and utilizing authentic equipment makes Body Redefined one of the highest quality studios in the Inland Empire for classical Pilates.


Body Redefined is committed to developing each client’s goals and needs with personalized sessions as well as maintaining a high level of continuing education and professional growth to continue to help clients achieve goals and meet their needs.