Certification Program

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Romana’s Pilates Certification Program

Romana’s Pilates Instructor Training Program is a comprehensive education program that trains the most capable and knowledgeable instructors in the industry. The method that was passed down from Joseph Pilates to Romana and is carried on today throughout a international network of Romana’s Pilates Certified Instructors.

Body Redefined is your Southern California connection the Romana’s Pilates Certification program. Potential trainees can take sessions at Body Redefined to prepare for their upcoming assessment to be accepted into the program. Once accepted into the program, trainees can study under the instructors at Body Redefined and work on their observation, assisting, and teaching hours at Body Redefined.

Romana’s Pilates instructors are handpicked, guided and directly mentored by Level 1 Instructors Sari Mejia Pace (Romana’s daughter), Juanita Lopez and Cynthia Lochard. Individuals are selected to participate in the certification program solely on Sari’s, Juanita’s, and Cynthia’s long term observations of their experience, dedication and prowess as Pilates instructors, there are only a handful of certification centers in the US and each center only hosts 2 training programs per year with a maximum of 6 hand picked trainees per group. These efforts were undertaken in order to offer you the highest quality instructors in the industry and to prepare instructors for a lifetime of learning and teaching Pilates the way Joseph Pilates’ intended.

The program is structured in 3 stages – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Instructor trainers provide a detailed overview of all exercises at each stage. The focus is on learning, understanding, performing and teaching. Throughout the process students gain a through understanding of the goals of each exercise, when and how to introduce higher level exercises, working with injuries and most importantly how to formulate a challenging and effectual session specific to the body in front of them. Once the program is started the participant must complete all 3 stages in order to obtain certification. Students are expected to complete 200-300 hours of observation, assistant teaching and teaching (per stage). The entire program takes a little over one year to complete and the final exam, consisting of 4 exams, must be passed in order for certification to be obtained.

To maintain the consistency and quality of Romana’s Pilates all instructors must complete at least one Continuing Pilates Education (CPE) seminar per year to maintain their certification.

When you work with a Romana’s Pilates instructor you can be confident you’re getting quality and experience.