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Certified Equipment by Gratz

All Equipment is custom built by Gratz Industries. Gratz Industries is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus and the industry’s established source for authentic equipment. Gratz Industries was started by Frank Gratz in New York City in 1929 as a custom fabrication shop producing industrial design prototypes, architectural metal, furniture and sculpture for many of the world’s greatest designers.

This legacy of high end fabrication and tradition continued with Frank’s son Donald Gratz who applied his engineering and metalworking expertise working closely with Romana Kryzanowska in the late 1960’s. This collaboration with Romana resulted in the preservation of the dimensions and proportions critical to the correct functions of the Pilates apparatus. Thanks to this relationship Gratz maintained a fidelity to Joseph Pilates original vision by fabrication apparatus with unerring craftsmanship and exacting specification which continues today.


Helps to reverse the effects of gravity on the upper body.  Helps to open spine, neck, shoulders, and hips.  Used for strengthening and stretching exercises.  It is used to relax and open the spine after a vigorous workout.  It is a vital tool to help clients learn to control the strength of their spines and balance it with flexibility.


Helps to open the spine, shoulders, neck and hips.  This is suitable for clients with very tight backs, necks, and shoulders prior to starting work on the Ladder Barrel or Spine Corrector.  It is used to relax and open the spine.  Great tool for posture and opening up a very tight back.


A flexible strong spine is a major part of Joseph Pilates exercise method. Designed to support, stretch and facilitate spinal movement. Helps to improve flexibility and posture. Ratios are again based on Greek philosophies of mathematics, trigonometry and architecture as it relates to the human body dimensions and proportions.


Used for stretching and strengthening the neck. Great piece of equipment that can be used from athletes to those who spend their days at computer.


Used to stretch and strengthen the toes, as well as develop strength throughout the ankle and arch of the foot.


Helps to cleanse the lungs and bring new fresh air into the lungs. Designed to increase breath and circulation in the body while building stamina.


Helps to strengthen core and legs. Great tool to help one develop a stronger connection between the powerhouse and the lower body.


Used to stretch and strengthen wrists arms and shoulders. Works on posture and alignment of the upper body.


Resistance band accessory piece of equipment. Great piece of equipment that can be used in many ways. It can be used for alignment, balance, developing strength through the core, upper body or lower body.


Measurements of the universal reformer are based on the golden ratios and human body proportions laid out by Greek architect and engineer Vitruvius.  It was designed to be fit all body types and proportions.  Foot bar diameter is specific to working on grip and wrist strength, and pressure points in the feet.  Straps are made out of leather to maintain correct strap length and tension.  Length of reformer is specific so that the angle of the strap is ideal to efficiently engage the powerhouse (core).  If the length of the carriage is changed or the strap is lifted out of the frame it changes the exercise making it less efficient, this is why the universal reformer straps and carriage are a set standard. Measurements of the headrest and footbar angles are also vital to the correct engagement of the powerhouse during exercises.  Last inch of the spring is loose, this means that the body has to work harder to pull the carriage all the way in.  Springs are specific to the resistance of the carriage.  If the spring is too heavy the spring will do the work instead of the body.  Springs are specific to the resistance load, making the body work on the out and in of every movement.  Wheels are resistant to too much movement and the carriage is weighted, therefor making the body work harder and engaged deeper into the powerhouse to move the carriage in and out.


One of the most versatile pieces of Pilates apparatus and a client favorite! Can be used as part of more rehabilitation focused exercises to advanced acrobatic movements. This piece focuses on the ultimate control and strength of the body.  The Cadillac also allows for deeper and more advanced stretching of the body.  This piece of apparatus creates a connection to all other Pilates exercises helps clients achieve a deeper connection and result from all the other pieces of Pilates apparatus. The Cadillac can focus on strength, flexibility and alignment of the lower body, upper body, and the body as a whole unit.


Padding of the mat is ideal to provide comfort and support to the spine.  Foot boxes and handle bars are used as tools to reinforce and support specific movements of the body and maintain alignment.  Joseph Pilates considered the mat exercises the routine that requires the highest level of control.  Joseph developed the equipment with the intention to help his students do the mat work well.  With not much support as compared to other Pilates apparatus, the mat requires the highest level of strength and complete coordination of mind and body.  It was with a clear vision that Joseph Pilates united the exercises done on the mat and on each apparatus to create the comprehensive system of exercises that we call The Pilates Method Of Contrology.


Adapted from gymnastics, similar to the even parallel bars.  It is used to increase range in push ups while eliminating pressure on the wrists.  It is also used in more advanced movements such as handstands.  It is a great tool to build upper body strength.


It is a actual chair and was created for home use. Joseph called this a home gym. It is a challenging piece of equipment with great focus on balance and control of the body.


Used to strengthen the feet, toes, heels and ankles as well as to stretch and strengthen the arches of the feet.  Proper alignment begins with strong feet, the foot corrector helps to connect the feet to the rest of the body and work on proper lower body alignment and strength.


Used to strengthen the upper body.  Works on posture and builds strength in the back and core to help support the spine.  The back of the chair is movable therefore helping the body find control and stability.  This is a versatile piece of apparatus that can be used to rehab upper body injuries as well as create a challenge for stronger clients who need to focus on control.


The pole represents the spine.  Assists with spinal alignment and elongation of the spine.  The pole will give you feedback regarding which part of your spine needs to be strengthened and stretched.  Helps to repair weakness and imbalances in the upper body and connects the body to the core.  Enhances posture, strength and stability.


Designed as an extension of the Wunda Chair to provide more assistance to those that need it.  Used for strengthening and balancing the hips, glutes, and legs.  It has the strongest springs out of all the Pilates apparatus creating a nice challenge for the lower body, and provides very specific support for exact alignment.


Think of this piece of apparatus as a hybrid of the mat and cadillac.  It combines the mat, cadillac, and reformer exercises providing versatility and support for the mat exercises.  This piece will offer the body support of alignment and stretch as well as a challenge for strength and control.