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If you want the most authentic Pilates experience, completely tailored to your specific body and needs, taught by the most experienced and highly trained instructors. Body Redefined is the studio for you.

Nina Narejko – Certified Pilates Instructor

Growing up in an active and athletic family, Nina has always had a love for fitness and sports. Nina was first introduced to Pilates at the age of 16. Being instructed to teach at such an early age she had the opportunity to meet and observe the teaching of the late and great Pilates instructor Romana Kryzanowska.

After years of experiencing the business side of Pilates and practicing the methods herself, she decided it was time to become certified. Nina received her certification through Romana’s Pilates in 2011 and is a 3rd generation instructor with a training lineage stemming directly from the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates.

Prior to her move to California, she worked and studied at Pilates Connection in Evanston, IL. Pilates Connection is one a of a select few certification centers in the United States and Nina had the opportunity to study with many master professionals of the Pilates method during her time there.

Her wide aray of clientele includes individuals who turn to Pilates as part of a post rehab regiment, individuals with goals of losing weight, body toning, and increasing flexibility and strength, as well as athletes and physically active individuals who turn to Pilates to improve their athletic abilities, return to their activities post injury, or looking to utilize Pilates to decrease injury risk.

Nina currently works with athletes and dancers on a one on one basis helping them each achieve their sport specific goals, as well as working with spats teams to help the team work as a whole on sport specific elements to improve their overall performance and competitive seasons.

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Abigail Sanchez – Certified Pilates Instructor

Abigail Sanchez is a bilingual sport psychologist and former gymnast for the national Mexican team. Abigail has worked as a PE teacher, gymnastics coach, and psychologist. After years of being an elite level gymnast Abigail has dealt with injuries and found Pilates to help her deal with her injuries and also rebuild her power, strength, flexibility and control. Abigail moved to California in 2018 and began working at Body Redefined Pilates.  She attends CPE seminars and classes to continue to grow and develop as an instructor and in her own Pilates practice. Abigail loves the idea of sharing her knowledge to others to help find benefits using Pilates on a daily basis. Abigail loves spending her free time with her dog Milo and her family.

Jill Punchur –  Certified Pilates Instructor

Jill started her Pilates practice in 2008. She fell in love with Pilates because it worked on her strength, flexibility, control, balance, and body alignment all at once. When she saw all this come together in her own body she was hooked on Pilates. She realized she wanted to share the Pilates practice with others and got certified through The Physical Mind Institute. Jill has taken lessons from and studied with Cynthia lochard, Mari Winsor, Trish Garland, and Michael Levy.

Upon being exposed to more of the traditional style of Pilates she realized that there was so much more she wanted to get out of not lust her own practice, but her scope on knowledge that she could share with clients. Jill started the Romana’s Pilates certification program in 2016 to expand not just her own practice but to gain more knowledge that she can bring to her clients.