Pilates for Athletes

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Pilates for Athletes

Why should athletes do Pilates?

  • Decrease muscle imbalance
  • Increase tendon and ligament flexibility in major joints while at the same time increasing strength and stability
  • Increase mobility and strength throughout the spine
  • Decompress the spine allowing improved functioning of nervous system which improves mind body connection, muscle recovery time, and reaction time
  • Increase flexibility and strength throughout all major and minor muscle groups
  • Improve overall posture
  • Increase transverse abdominal strength and stability
  • Refine and improve alignment, flexibility and strength of feet/ankles, wrists/hands and neck
  • Increase endurance by strengthening diaphragm and increasing flexibility of ribs allowing increase in lung capacity and increased oxygen taken into the body
  • Stability and strength of the transverse abs not only eliminates back pain but makes movement more effortless to complete
  • Increase efficiency and balance in movements by opening up the spine and improving central nervous system functioning
  • More powerful and flexible torso by increasing mobility and strength of the spine and transverse abs
  • Always stay on balance and have your core adequately support every movement you decide to make
  • Increase flexibility in the lungs and strength of the diaphragm so that breath becomes effortless no matter what position the body is held in
  • Pilates is the missing link between the lower and upper body improving the center of gravity and supports healing of physical ailments
  • Pilates links breathing and movement increases focus, energy and concentration while making you stronger, more flexible, and leaner
  • Pilates brings together fluid movement and longer held postures
  • Martial artists know that power comes from stability, balance, recruitment of deep muscles as much as it comes from deep strength, Pilates can greatly contributes to improve athletic performance targeting imbalances, tension, breathing, stiffness and a lack of deep core strength

Why train at Body Redefined if you are an athlete?

Creator, Joseph Pilates, practiced the following disciplines: boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, and gymnastics. He created this method as a way to complement athletic disciplines. Body Redefined is the only studio in the Inland Empire certified to teach the method exactly as it was created by the inventor and precisely in a manner to compliment athletic performance.