Pilates for Dancers

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Pilates for Dancers

Why Should Dancers Do Pilates?

  • Decrease muscle imbalance and increase flexibility and strength throughout all muscle groups.
  • Increase strength, stability, and flexibility in tendons and ligaments, which helps decrease risk of common shoulder, hip, and foot injuries.
  • Work with specific apparatus and exercises designed to work on dancers foot strength, mobility, and connection to the whole body.
  • Increase mobility and strength throughout the spine and improve overall posture, and develop a powerful and flexible torso.
  • Improve nervous system functions – mind/body connection, muscle recovery time, balance, movement efficiency and reaction time, which decreasing nerve tension.
  • Strengthen diaphragm and increase flexibility of ribs, which in turn improves lung capacity and endurance, while allowing breathing to become effortless no matter what position the body is held in.
  • Deepen the link between lower and upper body.
  • Link breathing and movement, and develop recruitment of deep muscles.

Why Choose Body Redefined If You Are A Dancer?

Upon opening his studio in New York Joseph Pilates met George Balanchine. Balanchine became a devotee of the method and sent all his dancers to Joe for their training and post injury rehabilitation. Joe has said that it was the dance community that he credits to making his method popular and well known. The staff of Body Redefined received their certifications and training from Romana, one of the original dancers that Joe worked with and who he entrusted the continuing education of his method to. Body Redefined also employs former professional dancers on their team of instructors.