Pilates for Everybody

Feel Your Best. Live Your Best.

Pilates for Everybody

Pilates has a reputation for being not only a great workout to develop strong and lean muscles around a well defined core, but for being therapeutic and a great exercise regimen for those individuals who deal with chronic conditions, arthritis, spinal injuries and ailments.

Why Should Every Body Do Pilates?

  • Correct and find your best posture.
  • Work on back, glute, and deep abdominal strength.
  • If you have spinal and joint issues the equipment is designed to support tension in the joints, and to place the body in positions during the workout to alleviate pressure on the spine and joints.
  • Tight necks and traps result from poor recruitment of back muscles and unstable shoulder blades, tight hip flexors often mean insufficient abdominal recruitment – Pilates addresses these issues to make the body function better overall.
  • Increase mobility and strength throughout the spine.
  • Decompress the spine allowing improved functioning of nervous system which improves mind body connection, muscle recovery time, and reaction time.
  • Increase flexibility and strength throughout all major and minor muscle groups.

Why Should Every Body Choose Body Redefined?

The staff of Body Redefined works with dancers, athletes, children, clients with spinal issues, arthritis, cancers, nerve damage, and clients who use Pilates as part of their pre and post surgery strengthening regiment. Body Redefined has established relationships with athletic trainers, physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors in the Inland Empire, this in term helps the clients work with a team to get them to their personal and health goals efficiently and safely. The staff at Body Redefined have themselves used Pilates as part of their regiments while being involved in sports and dance, as well as to help recover from their own injuries and deal with their own chronic and ongoing conditions. This personal connection to the depth of the benefits that Pilates can provide helps the staff to ensure that they can in turn provide each client with the same wonderful benefits of Pilates.